ACES Special Track Session at ENCON 2020: Social Innovation in STEM+ Education

ACES Special Track Session at ENCON 2020: Social Innovation in STEM+ Education

The UNIMAS ACES team has taken part as co-organizer in EnCon 2020 for Special track 5: Social innovation in STEM+ Education. More than 100 education enthusiasts have registered for the online workshop that was conducted online through Webex and Zoom application. 

The online workshop takes off by the introduction of the ACES project and STEM+ Education by the ACES project leader, Dr Jacey-Lynn Minoi. The session resumed with Trends and technologies in STEM+ Education by Dr Aazani Mujahid and AP Dr Tan Chong Eng, and Pedagogical strategies for deep learning by Mr Chuah Kee Man and AP Dr Fitri Suraya Mohamad. Followed by a question and answer session in the morning.

The afternoon sessions were more on collaboration and team works by the participants and assisted by fellow research members and researcher assistants. The participants were divided into six breakout rooms to discuss and agreed upon ideas on creating desired games for their targeted group of learners. The participants were then required to present their game ideas according to five basic criteria such as, where do they get the inspiration for their game, how to play and win the game, the targeted group of learners and what are the learning elements embedded in the game. These criteria are to assist the participants in connecting ideas and creating games that are suitable for their learners.

The online workshop ended with a hope that the participants able to use the knowledge they gained to enhance or assist in their teaching approach.

the full recording of the ENCON 2020 Special Track 5: Social Innovation in STEM+ Education is available here.

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