Adaptive Technology Adoption

The PlayLab platform aims to create a mobile lab space for technologists and researchers from UNIMAS, equipped with basic amenities such as renewable energy and water supply. The project adopts an innovative design concept that requires minimal maintenance and support, with a focus on installing solar power and water harvesting systems with minimal modification and cost. The PlayLab platform aims to embrace an innovative design concept that requires minimal design and support while providing a sustainable and self-sufficient lab space for researchers working on fieldwork or on-site data collection, promoting efficient and eco-friendly research practices.

Playful and Frugal

The exploration of the requirements and the limitations for each technology adoption can be a fun learning process through curiosity and experience.  

To introduce minimalism and greater sustainability, frugal comes into play to enable minimal modification to the existing platform while adopting / integrating new technology to the platform. A frugal practice that is practical, resilient, and openness to new ideas allows seamless collaboration with the others.


Building of trust (top down), collaborative towards belonging, sense making, fluid learning by doing, ownership, reflecting inner learning

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