Artists in residence

This activity targets undergraduate students and lecturers of the creative arts discipline at UNIMAS ACES, PPAU. It aims to empower the target group through a two-phase approach focusing on cleaning, fixing and repurposing resources to create a conducive environment for art practices in Phase 1. In Phase 2, the activity will initiate anatomy to share ownership and decision making, shared action and reflection (PAR) to encourage community resilience enhancement through teamwork. The activity’s concept revolves around using the open bus platform to invoke art excellence and creativity. Its objectives include achieving art practices through real-life challenges and embracing playful values in the process and outcome of art work. Overall, the activity aims to promote creativity, teamwork, and resilience among the target group.

Playful and Frugal

Playful: Fun, curiosity, experiential, social

Frugal: Creativity, collaboration, openness, practicality, resilient, minimalism, sustainable 


Building of trust (top down), collaborative towards belonging, sense making, fluid learning by doing, ownership, reflecting inner learning

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