Call for Participation: Introduction to Time to Rice Workshop

Call for Participation: Introduction to Time to Rice Workshop

The workshop presents practical ideas for Science teachers to integrate local issues about Climate Change, and the impact they have on food security, specifically Rice. The workshop takes participants on a journey where Nasi Lemak becomes extinct as rice becomes scarce. Through a series of carefully designed interactive activities, participants will co-create interventions and solutions which are relevant to the local values and lifestyles. The key takeaway for Science teachers would be about how urgent it is to address climate change issues in a scientific creative inquiry, within the context of current global developments.

Date: 28th August 2021
Time: 4:00-5:30PM (1.5 hours)
Venue: Zoom

  1. Introduction (Dr Aazani Mujahid, UNIMAS)
  2. Narrative opening by The Guardian of Nasi Lemak (Time to Rice team)
  3. Simple Quiz on Climate Change + Food Supply Chain (Time to Rice team)
  4. Co-creating and Gamifying Climate Science Communication (Time to Rice team)
  5. The Co-creation Canvas (Time to Rice team)
  6. Game simulation (Time to Rice team)
  7. Application of the canvas (Time to Rice team)
  8. Resources & Tools (Time to Rice team)
  9. Q&A and Closing

If you are keen, please register your interest here:

e-Certificates will be emailed to you after the event.

See you there!

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