Dual Language Programme (DLP) workshops in collaboration with Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus (IPG KBL) and JPNS

Dual Language Programme (DLP) workshops is a collaborative effort between a university, Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus (IPG KBL), and the Ministry of Education aimed at improving the learning experience of primary and secondary school students in Sarawak, Malaysia. The programme adopts the STEMBucket programme, which is a ‘learning by doing’ approach that prioritizes experiential learning in STEM subjects. The programme also aims to develop higher-order thinking skills among teachers through co-creation and delivery of lesson plans that align with 21st century learning approaches. By incorporating playful, frugal, and co-creation values, the programme aims to motivate students and invoke competitiveness in the learning process.

The target group of the STEMBucket programme is primary and secondary school teachers in Sarawak, including those at the local teacher training college. In total, 620 schools in Sarawak involved in the workshops. The programme aims to connect 21st century skills with STEM education by providing learning experiences that encourage reflection and improvement. The programme’s concept is a hybrid of scientific thinking and reflection models, with a focus on developing teachers’ skills in co-creation and delivery of lesson plans. The programme’s partnership with local educational institutions aims to support innovative strategies, accelerate educational development programmes, and collaborate on evaluation studies to drive change within educational settings.

Playful and Frugal

Playful: Fun, curiosity, experiential, social

Frugal: Creativity, collaboration, openness, practicality, resilient, minimalism, sustainable


Building of trust (top down), collaborative towards belonging, sense making, fluid learning by doing, ownership, reflecting inner learning.

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