Frugal Innovations

The PlayLab platform aims to a flexible multipurpose space for UNIMAS researchers and practitioners by salvaging and repurposing existing bus components to minimize overall space creation costs. To achieve a space-saving design, the concept of the project will focus on creative adoption of foldable furniture and frugal innovations. The platform will prioritize the use of minimal space and flexibility in furniture to allow for easy customization of the space for different purposes. By embracing reuse and frugality, the platform will not only create a functional space but also promote sustainability and responsible use of resources and encourage idea brainstorming and continuously challenge current ones.

Playful and Frugal

Playful: Fun, curiosity, experiential, social

Frugal: Creativity, collaboration, openness, practicality, resilient, minimalism, sustainable


It takes much brainstorming and experience sharing among members of the innovation team to co-create constructively and progressively come out with new frugal ideas and options for innovation.

Characteristics of co-creation includes building of trust among members, collaborative towards belonging, sense making, fluid learning by doing, ownership, reflecting inner learning.

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