Gamification Seminar 2021

Gamification Seminar 2021

CreativeCulture recently organized the 4th Gamification in Learning Seminar (GS2021) on the 13th of December 2021, with the theme Transdisciplinary Trends in Playful Learning. The seminar saw active deliberation on the trends and challenges in facilitating playful learning activities, and the implementation of playful learning activities and how various stakeholders can collaborate and create playful yet impact learning experiences for learners at various levels of education. Sharing sessions from all speakers and panellists shed insight on how to adapt to the changes in teaching and learning for 21st century knowledge and skills. Concepts such as co-creation and frugal education, which are essential for nurturing creativity and resilience in solving problems were the overarching topics focused on during this seminar.

Three keynote speakers were invited to talk at the GS2021, namely Dr Cedric Tan, an Assistant Professor from the University of Nottingham Malaysia, Mr Alex Masters, a Learning Technologist at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University UK, and Professor Dr Margarida Romero, from Université Côte d’Azur.

Several teachers, industry representatives as well as university academicians were also featured during the seminar, as they shared their experiences in facilitating playful learning activities amidst Covid-19 restrictions. Two panel sessions were also organised during the seminar, and the panellists discussed on several key issues such as the social roles of parents when engaging in PLAY as well as strategic partnerships between the community, NGOs and industry-university.

A total of 466 participants registered for the seminar, and the event also engaged a total of 311 viewers on the Facebook live streaming of the seminar.

All the sessions during the seminar are available in the CreativeCulture TV YouTube Channel here.

Gamification Seminar 2021 Team and Game Changers UK

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