In an era defined by rapid technological progress and dynamic global challenges, emphasizing human-focused engineering strategies becomes essential. Advancing into the future requires technological innovations to harmonize with principles of sustainability and resilience. The Gamification Seminar 2023 delves into the transformative power of gamification and game-based learning, spotlighting their role in guiding a transition to sustainable, resilient, and human-oriented engineering education. This seminar provides an interdisciplinary platform, allowing educators, students, and industry experts to exchange and explore innovative approaches that intertwine gamification with sustainable engineering practices and education. Through collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing, participants will emerge with actionable insights and tools to revolutionize contemporary engineering education, ensuring it remains relevant and adaptive in our rapidly changing world.


Registration fee: RM100.00 RM50 be made through online payment_bank account – IEEE (MALAYSIA SECTION) account number 106800000081 (Affin Islamic Bank Berhad).
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Who Should Attend?

  • Educators who are keen on innovating their teaching methods.
  • Students who are passionate about blending technology and sustainability.
  • Academics who are researching the intersection of gamification, resilience, and sustainable engineering.
  • Practitioners who are interested in implementing game-based methodologies in their projects.

Key Activities

  • Insightful Talks by Featured Speakers: Engage with thought leaders who’ve successfully merged gamification with sustainable engineering and delve deep into their experiences and insights.
  • Hands-on Workshop on 3D Printing: Understand the power of 3D printing in realizing sustainable designs and prototypes.
  • Workshop on Ethical Use of Generative AI in Language Education: The future of education is being shaped by AI. This workshop will explore the potential and ethical considerations of using generative AI in language education.


Workshop 1: STEMulate Minds: Levelling Up Learning with AI and Gamification

This workshop focusses on how to integrate AI and gamification into STEM and language subjects. It guides participants through the use of AI tools for personalised learning, applying gamification principles to enhance student engagement, and creating interactive activities for both STEM subjects and language learning. With hands-on sessions and collaborative discussions, this workshop equips participants with practical skills and strategies to transform their teaching methods and enrich the student learning experience.

Workshop 2: Essential Guide to 3D Printing

3D printing produces a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model using many successive thin layers of material.  With affordable and easy access to this technology, 3D printing opens new learning experiences and excitement for students and academicians.  In this sharing session, we will share some essential guides to 3D printing from start to finish,  tips and tricks and how it can help in STEM education.  Also, the participants will get the firsthand experience of having their first 3D print.

Workshop 3: Building Key Engagement for Aquawatch Mission in Sarawak

Using innovative gamification approach to build key engagement

Tentative Agenda

08:00 AM – Registration

08:30 AM – Icebreaking

09:00 AM – Welcoming Speech

09:10 AM – Keynote Session 1

09:55 AM – Keynote Session 2

10:40 AM – Tea Break

11:00 AM – Keynote Session 3

11:45 AM – Play Time!

12:30 PM – Lunch Break

01:30 PM – Parallel Workshops

  1. STEMulate Minds: Levelling Up Learning with AI and Gamification
  2. Building Key Engagement for Aquawatch Mission in Sarawak
  3. Workshop 3: Essential Guide to 3D Printing

04:00 PM – Closing & TT Session 

Keynote Speakers

Application of Generative AI to Design and Visualization
Keynote Speaker 1: Associate Professor Dr Johari Abdullah

Application of Generative AI to Design and Visualization

  • Dr. Johari Abdullah is currently serving as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science & IT, UNIMAS, Sarawak. He received his PhD (Computing Science) from Newcastle University (UK), his Master of IT from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, and Bachelor of Computer Science (Networking) degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia. His interest in ICT is wide and ranging from Deep Learning, Generative AI, Trusted System, Blockchain Technology, Web System Design and development, System Architecture, problem solving using tools such as TRIZ, ICT education for children and youth through Computational Thinking, Scratch and Computer Science Unplugged, and also open-source system and software.
Re-Imagining STEM for Nurturing Creativity & Inventive Thinkers

Re-Imagining STEM for Nurturing Creativity & Inventive Thinkers

  • Declining levels in the take up of STEM-focussed careers  has led to scientific and technical skills gaps. This talk challenges assumptions relating to current approaches in the delivery and evaluation of STEM education. Past experiences of the team in the use of TRIZ as a problem modelling  approach has demonstrated  inventive approaches that allows us to move away from the main-stream use of trial and error approaches and black-box models. A systematic approach that helps learners address psychological inertia, and shifts paradigms beyond a purely curriculum approach to a "higher order thinking model that benefits from and creative  dimension will then be presented.
Reimagineering Equitable and Quality Education Through Game-based Learning
Keynote Speaker 3: Mr Chuah Kee Man

Reimagineering Equitable and Quality Education Through Game-based Learning

  • Chuah Kee Man is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Language and Communication, where he specialises in educational technology, computational linguistics, learning sciences, and instructional design. Recognized for his innovative teaching and learning methodologies, he has received multiple awards at both national and international levels. In addition to his professional achievements, Chuah Kee Man is also an avid gamer in his free time, bringing a playful and engaging aspect to his approach to education and technology.
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