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CreativeCulture is proud to invite you to the 3rd Gamification in Learning Seminar 2020 on 21st December 2020. The theme for the seminar this year is Rising Strong through Playful Learning, where we will deliberate playful learning approaches. We believe this is the time to empower both educators to be resilient in facing the daunting challenges that the pandemic has brought upon us this year. GS2020 is a platform for creative teaching; this year we plan to bring you fresh ideas from the ground, on how educators across the globe, cope with the unprecendented challenges of Covid-19.

This seminar presents playful learning ideas with a focus on gamifying learning for STEM+ subjects. Gameful learning experience promotes lifelong learning, and reshapes thinking about learning for 21st century knowledge and skills. Participants can look forward to developing playful solutions to address serious challenges, themes and topics. Get access to international and local speakers, workshops on robotics and SDG goals as well as virtual escape room experience. All these for only RM50 (certificate included). 

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Event Highlights

Event Schedule

10:30 AM – Event open for admission (Zoom)
11:00 AM – Welcome Remarks by GS2020 Chair
11:05 AM – Introduction to CreativeCulture & ACES
11:15 AM – Keynote Speech by Prof Sylvester Arnab
11:45 AM – CreativeCulture TV Launch
12:00 PM – Innovative Educators Session

Cikgu Siti Faridah Matt
Dr. Shyielathy Arumugam
Cikgu Syamsuria Hamden Hamid

12:45 PM – Q&A and Kopitiam Session

13:00 PM – Lunch break

14:00 PM – Playful Learning during Covid19: Kids Speak Up!
14:15 PM – Resilient Educators Session

Cikgu Goh Kok Ming
Felicia May Anak Dizer
Lam Choi Suan

15:00 PM – Q&A and Kopitiam Session

15:15 PM – Virtual Escape Room
15:30 PM – ACES Showcase from Indonesia
15:45 PM – ACES Showcase from Vietnam
16:00 PM – Workshop 1: Engineering at Home with Young Learners
16:30 PM – Workshop 2: SDGs and Schools: Why and How We Can Make It Fun to Learn
17:00 PM – Closing


Prof Sylvester Arnab 

Professor of Game Science at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab and an associate of the Centre for Post-digital Cultures at Coventry University, UK

Dr. Shyielathy Arumugam

Special education teacher with 13 years of experience. She was awarded the World Changer Award 2020 by the Special Education Network & Inclusion Association

Goh Kok Ming

A primary school teacher in one of under-enrolled schools in Selama, Perak. He was recognised as among the Top 5 Champion Digital Teacher 2020 organised by MDEC.

Siti Faridah Matt

A science and chemistry teacher at SMK Derma, Kangar Perlis. Her YouTube Channel, Cikgu Siti Share has earned a lot of attention from students and event teachers.  

Shamsurya Bin Hamden Hamid

A math and physics teacher who always strives to improve learning through games and classroom experience.

Lam Choi Suan

An architect by profession, partner of INTODESIGN Lab, a Kuching based multi-disciplinary architecture design studio, which organised Cardboard City 2017 & 2018.

Felicia May Dizer

A science teacher in Nabawan, which is an interior district of Sabah.

Dr. Muhibuddin Fadhli 

An assistant professor at Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo and also the team leader of ACES Indonesia.

Mr. Trinh Viet Dung

He has more than a decade of research in Material Science and Energy storage at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).

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