An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


Number of players: 3-5 per box

Time: Approximately 5-10 minutes

Place: Classroom


  • To indicate the factors that influence an individual’s calorie needs
  • To determine disease caused by carbohydrate intake and excess fats

Game description

  1. There are three layers of boxes
  2. The first and second box require students to answer question on the whiteboard given in the box
  3. The third box will decide the winner of this fun game

Player description

  1. One of the group members will be appointed to write an answer on the whiteboard meanwhile other group members have to discuss on the given questions
  2. After they get all the answers correct in box 1, they can proceed to open the second box
  3. Same as box 1, they have to answer all the questions correct in box 2 before they can open the final box
  4. They have to search for an apple in the box and one of them have to eat an apple as fast as he can
  5. Group is considered a winner if they can finish it quickly
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