Circuit Smart


Circuit Smart is a fun way for Primary Year 5 students to learn about the components of a simple electric circuit. The goal of the games is to enable players to build and differentiate between a series and a parallel circuit.   The quiz is designed to be online, collaborative, and acts as a brain teaser. Padlet is an interactive platform yet available for immediate viewing and it enables collaboration from anywhere in the world (Allen, 2013, p. 46).

Target learner: Primary school (Level 2)


Students will be able to identify electrical components needed to build a simple electric circuit. Students can differentiate and build a series circuit and a parallel circuit.

How to Play

Circuit Smart Quiz: An online quiz game with treasure hunt theme made using Padlet and Google Forms that aims to test the understanding of learners about series and parallel circuits. Learners are to use a laptop or mobile device to play the online quiz. Two groups of three players per school was formed. There are 7 clues containing questions. Players must answer all 7 questions. The instructor records the timings and count the points collected by each team. The team that completes the fastest and collects the most points, wins the game.

Ready, set, circuit!: A physical game modified from the traditional “Galah Panjang” with an added twist of electric fun. The goal is to collect circuit parts and assemble a simple circuit within the shortest time. Players are divided into an attack and defend team where the latter have to interrupt the former from crossing over. The attack team needs to safely transport the circuit cards across to exchange with physical circuit parts. The combination of physical and mental challenges will test the players ability to pick the correct parts, move strategically past the defence lines and assemble the circuits correctly.

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