Circuit War

Circuit War

  • Subject: Science
  • Level: Primary School


This game is adapted from a sport game called ‘Dodgeball’ where 2 groups of students will compete by throwing a ball to their opponent team. This game was gamified from Science subject (Series and Parallel Circuit) where players compete to protect all electrical components from the opponent team from breaking the circuit by throwing a rubber ball.


This game enables understanding of the differences between series and parallel circuits, and the causes and effects of a circuit breakdown as well as its application in daily life.

How to Play

  1. First, the Strategy Master need to plan and strategize his/her team’s components position using the online application; ‘The DC Circuit Builder’. He/she may discuss with his/her team members. ( ).
  2. Next, the eight players need to stand/positioned on the Circuit Mat as planned.
  3. Every player, excluding the Strategy Master will be wearing a card that indicates the electrical components in the circuit.
  4. The players represent a complete circuit through joining hands. The rubber ball acts as a breaker in a circuit. Each team must protect their components by dodging or move together (joint-hands) to avoid being hit by the ball, without breaking the circuit.
  5. Each team will take turn to throw the ball. If any of the component in the circuit is hit by the ball, Strategy Master will have to determine the substitute component in order to keep the circuit complete.


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