This game was designed to address students demotivation issue on learning Physics – students have difficulty to understand concepts and theories in the subject.


This game enables understanding of concepts and theories in Light and Optics.


  1. This game can be played up to 5 people in a group.
  2. The players will choose their character before the game.
  3. This game will be controlled by a teacher with given time limits.
  4. All categories of questions will be answered within given specified duration


  1. Each character can only appear once in one round of the game.
  2. The game can be played as many rounds as possible if time permits.
  3. Each character or role will have its own “power up”.
  4. The “power ups” are only functional when a question is answered correctly by

characters Einstein, Galileo, and Faraday.

  1. “Power ups” which allow players to refer to notes (Edison) and get a hint from

teacher (Newton) can be used anytime during the game or rounds to help each team to answer a question correctly.

How to Play

  1. Teacher confirms the character to be sent by each group.
  2. Every team will answer the same question.
  3. Movement of each team depends on their ability to answer each question and the power ups of the character sent for that question.
  4. Questions which are answered correctly and do not have movement ‘power ups’ will allow players to advance one step forward.
  5. Each box will have a different colour which is related to a certain category.
  6. The leading group will determine which category to be questioned next based on the colour of the box they have landed on, on the board.
  7. The team(s) that reach(es) the end of the board soonest win(s).
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