Math Ninja Training


Game inspiration: This game is based on Mini Games in Naruto Shippuden PC games. The story mode of the games in based on the Naruto Anime Series

Target learner: Primary School Students


To enhance the students’ basic mathematical skills and concepts

How to Play

  1. This game has been made in dual-language settings so that our collaborator and his students can understand the game instructions better. There would be two games in this Naruto Training Mode, such as Memory Game and Wheel of Fortune.
  2. Both games have different stages and difficulties where the students have the options to choose in which mode the questions, they want to play either EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD mode of questions.
  3. The students will gain points based on the type of questions mode where 1 point (EASY), 2 points (MEDIUM), and 3 points (HARD). This applied to both games.
  4. In the Memory game, the students need to guess the correct pair tiles to obtain the points. The points given will be based on their chosen mode of questions. Besides, there would be a choice of questions on numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  5. In the Wheel of Fortune game, the students are given the 60s (1 minute) to answer the questions, and If they got the wrong answer, then the question will be answered by the next group that can give the correct answer. The group that gives the correct answer will obtain 1 point. Therefore, there would be a choice of questions about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Players description

  1. This game can be played individually or grouping up to 4 groups based on teacher preferences.
  2. The scoreboards are available so the teacher would easily put the points students’ game from each question available in the game.
  3. There would be a winners’ stage at the Game Menu. So, the teacher can boost the students’ collaboration and reward them while playing the game.
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