Musical Chair

Musical Chair

  • Subject: Science
  • Level: Primary School


This game is adapted from the children’s game called Musical chair, where students sit in a circle to compete in getting a seat once the music stops.


This game tests students ability to identify the key predators and preys in a food chain. With this game, students will be able to understand and build food chains in a variety of habitats such as ponds, forests, pastures, paddy fields and farms. Other than that, children should be able to predict the effects of other living creatures on population changes in the food chain in a habitat.

How to Play

  1. Like the original game, the players still compete for a place to sit but every player gets a tag indicating which animal they are role-playing.
  2. Each player must know who to catch and ‘kill’ before the prey can return to the ‘safe house’.
  3. Each player is considered as safe if he/she manages to retain a seat.
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