Nutritional Board Game


Number of players: 5-6

Time: Approximately 15 minutes

Place: Classroom


This game enables understanding and remembering of food classes, concepts of balance nutrition and technical terms in Science.

How to Play

  1. Players decide who go first
  2. The first player will move his/her counter according to the number shown after rolling the dice
  3. Upon reaching a spot, the player will pick a card that has questions on it to test their knowledge of nutrition
  4. If the player answers the question correctly, he/she stays on the spot. Penalty such as moves two spaces back will be given to the player if the answer is incorrect
  5. If the player reaches a spot with a ladder, he/she will climb on the ladder to the new spot. If the player reaches a spot with a “snake”, then he/she will move towards the tail of the snake
  6. The game will continue to the next player and whoever reaches the end of the game first, wins!
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