Rajang River Run


Inspired by the culture and lifestyle of the people in Sarawak, Rajang River Run is a game that can encourage students to learn vocabulary and improve their reading skills. This game also promotes the beauty of the culture and lifestyle of the people in Sarawak.

Target learner: Primary School (Level 1)


  1. Recognise at least ten English vocabulary which describes the culture and lifestyle of the people in Sarawak
  2. Rearrange the new vocabulary
  3. Create five new sentences

How to Play

  1. Players will be divided into two groups, and the teacher will choose the group members.
  2. The game is played by using a Rajang River Run Board that has 7 checkpoints.
  3. Every player is required to pass the 7 checkpoints to complete the story within 20 minutes.
  4. Players are required to tell the stories based on the card that they will draw from the first checkpoint until the final checkpoint.
  5. Every time a player draws a card, the player cannot skip the turn until he finishes the sentence based on the card.
  6. The group that completes all the checkpoint within time will become a winner.
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