Solitaire Food Chain

Solitaire Food Chain

  • Subject: Science
  • Level: Primary School


The Solitaire Food Chain game is mirrored from the concept of playing solitaire. The content of the game is about the nature of ecosystem gathered from Primary Year 5 textbook. Food Chain Solitaire is a game that tests the patience of the players. The game can be played individually or in groups (two to four people) and time is taken to determine the winner in a set of games. The goal of the game is to arrange every ecosystem in the correct order or sequence. The sequence of the ecosystem as the following:

Ecosystem -> Sunlight -> Producer -> Primary user -> Secondary user -> Tertiary user -> Quaternary user


The main objective is to enhance the students understanding on the food chains and construct the food chains in 4 different habitats such as ponds, forests, pastures, paddy fields and farms. Also, it is expected the players to be able to predict the effects of other living creatures on population changes in the food chain in a habitat.

How to Play

  1. This game can be played individually or in groups (2 to 4 persons).
  2. Every player/group will be given a deck of card, solitaire board and a stopwatch.
  3. In every deck of colour coded cards contained 4 sets of food chain ecosystems, which are forest, palm plantation, river and paddy field.
  4. The player needs to find one of the ecosystem cards to be able to start the game. After getting the ecosystem card, the cards should be arranged as follows,

  1. When the opened card can be moved to the box above, the player can open the remaining unopened deck of cards.
  2. If the card is under producer category/prey (must be the same colour card), players can move the card and placed it under the predator card (the highest tire in the food chain).
  3. If a player is unable to move their card, the player can open the cards at extra deck.
  4. Players can transfer the card taken at extra deck into the set with the following conditions:
    1. The card MUST be at the lower tier of the chain
    2. The card MUST be of the same colour code
  5. The players can open the clue card in expense of, either
    1. MINUS 1 point, or
    2. ADD 1 minute as a penalty
  6. The game will end after the players completed all 4 ecosystems.
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