Superb Materials

Superb Materials

  • Subject: Science
  • Level: Primary School


This gamified lesson is adapted from a traditional card game called UNO. The game is for 4-5 players.


This lesson is constructed for learning Science, which focuses on Properties of Materials. With this game, students will be able to (1) identify objects based on the type of materials used, (2) classify objects and their characteristics and (3) arrange the objects based on their abilities to absorb water, float on the water surface and allow light to pass through.

How to Play

  1. Every player starts with an equal number of cards. All the cards are dealt face down.
  2. Instruction Cards (6 cards) are placed in a Draw Pile face down.
  3. The first player is the player to the left of the dealer and gameplay follows a clockwise direction.
  4. The first player selects one of the Instruction Cards and draws his/her cards to match the instruction.
  5. Players can also draw their Action cards on their turns.
  6. If the player has no matches, they are required to take all the cards.
  7. The game continues until a player has no card left (winner).
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