The Music Rhythm Tour


A team of young musicians decided to embark on an expedition to visit some world class music halls around the world, in the hope of inspiring their mind to construct motifs and phrases for a symphony that their team were commission to produce at the end of 4 seasons. To do so, their team are determined to construct a 4 bars phrase in every location they visit. Along their journey across the world you will about (i) Rhythm (ii) Musical Forms (iii) Dynamics (iv) Music Directions. As they are building these phrases they need to work together with your team mates using each other’s special ability to get the jobs done.

Target learner: Primary School (Level 2)


Learning about musical forms.

How to Play

  1. Place the game board on a large stable surface;
  2. Place the season token on the board from top to bottom in this order: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter;
  3. Shuffle the event cards and place on the event card deck in the board;
  4. Shuffle time signature card and randomly place them at “time signature” are for each music hall;
  5. Place key signature cards to each music hall (remember key signature must appear in pairs);
  6. Each player chooses one composer and places all of them at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. Return 2 remaining unused composers into the box. Give each player a composer reference card that corresponds to the composer chosen.
  7. Deal 3 rhythm cards to each player.
  8. It is recommended to start the game with the oldest member among the 4 players.

Winning Condition

  1. The phrase cannot end with shorter time value;
  2. All four bars must be completed before the last winter round;
  3. The rhythm cards must be arranged following the musical forms stated under the time signature.
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