Word Disaster

“Word Disasters” was created to motivate the students to master and increase their interest in Syntax topic. “Word Disasters” is a card game that refers to the game mechanics of Cards against Humanity. Aim of this assignment is to help the students understand syntax topic through gamification. The words are including the verbs, adjective and nouns. And the player can choose the assent card to use the assent to speak. The aim of game is let the people have more confidence to speak English. The game allows for three to four players at any one time. If there are more players, more new terms should be created.

Target learner: Pre-university & Form 6 students


  • Players are introduced to syntax and understand the structure and formation of sentences, which may make no sense but are still correct from a syntactic point of view, provided the words are in their proper place and agree with each other.
  • To enable players to understand the meaning and usage of words. As a result, players will be able to further develop their command of English and speak it with confidence.

How to Play

  1. “Word Disasters”: Each player receives either 5- or 7-Words cards. Each player will have to use 2 Words cards per turn.
  2. They must make sentences using the Word cards (with the addition of 1 Keyword and/or 1 Accent card), it must make sense! If the player cannot make a sentence with their Words cards, they can pull a Word card from the pile.
  3. If not, pass! The sentence makes sense, has the keyword (Level Two), uses the right accent (Level Three), and the player gets a point!
  4. Once all Word cards are finished, the player with the most points will be the winner.
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