Word Puzzle & BiMaze


BiMaze game was adopted from BINGO and Maze games, whereas Word Puzzle was adopted from a Puzzle game. These games emphasised collaborative learning via technology to solve Bahasa Melayu and Mathematical problems. The team members need to work together to solve the problems to win the games. The games will challenge them to find the answer together by collaborating with all team members that consist of virtual and onsite members. The team will learn to collaborate, evaluate and improve their strategies to win the game. Hence, the games promote meaningful fun learning and open learning at the same time.

Target learner: Pre-schoolers


  1. Pupils will be able to blend the syllables into words and be able to relate the words with their daily life.
  2. Pupils will be able to differentiate the concept of addition and subtraction and be able to use that concept in their daily life.

How to Play

Word Puzzle – All team members must work together to find the correct syllables. Each team can proceed to build a house with the word puzzle, only if they can form a correct word using the puzzle.

BiMaze Game – Each team must answer assigned questions correctly to get their chance to put their group’s bottle on the BiMaze Mat. Every wrong answer will make the team lose one chance to put their group’s bottle on the BiMaze mat. The first team to reach the house in the BiMaze mat will be the winner.

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