Program Kesihatan, Kitar Semula EM Bokashi (DBKU) organized by Pasir Pandak village committee in collaboration with Persatuan Pegawai Akademik UNIMAS (PPAU)

Co-organising a village clean-up as part of village community efforts towards environmental sustainability. Women urgently need to be represented in the local economy, becoming partners in co-creating innovative solutions addressing socio-economic and environmental issues

Coastal research in Sarawak, Malaysia, typically, does not target gender. Some projects have added gender-segregated data, but gender studies in fisheries generally remain unfunded. Given the difficulty of obtaining funding, gender scoping studies and needs analyses are rare. As a result, most women working in fisheries remain unidentified and unrecorded. In local culture, men’s presence overpowers that of women. Many women marry young and bear children while still in their teens. There is even a case of a woman becoming a great grandmother at age 60. Read more at this link…

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