Remixed Play Workshop for Teachers of STEM Education on 3 April 2018

Remixed Play Workshop for Teachers of STEM Education on 3 April 2018

On 3rd of April, the CreativeCulture team had successfully conducted a workshop on Remixed Play for STEM Education which fits the theme of the STEM Education Colloquium, Sarawak Zone organised by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia that saw it being hosted by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce gamification through Design Thinking approach in the teaching and learning activities of STEM subjects. A short talk touched on the potential of gameful and playful approaches for reshaping learning to better match the needs of the 21st century knowledge economies followed by hands-on training on coming up with disruptive games for teaching and learning activities.

The workshop took place at Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology which was attended by 31 teachers from different primary and secondary schools in Sarawak. In the first half of the session, led by Dr Jacey-Lynn Minoi and Associate Professor Dr Fitri Suraya Mohamad, the teachers were exposed to Design Thinking approach with five components such as Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. During the second half, the session continued with the hands-on activity where the teachers were asked to describe the problems faced by students in learning at school using Lego set and only one word to represent the problem. With the session being led by Assoc. Prof. Dr Fitri, guidance was provided through the case example of the “Photosynthesis process” as a scenario in Science subject. The goal was to break down ideas on how to teach photosynthesis in an effective and playful way for students to learn, while applying the Design Thinking approach to formulate, design and construct the game mechanics. By the end of the session, the teachers were given opportunity to share their brilliant and innovative ideas to all that were present in the room.

The talk’s presentation slides can be downloaded via this LINK.

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