Revolutionizing STEM Education: The ACES Teachers Training Programme

The ACES Teachers Training Programme is designed to revolutionize STEM education for educators, utilizing playful co-creation approaches. The programme targets schools in Sarawak’s urban, rural, and remote areas and aims to link STEM instruction to 21st century competencies. The programme has involved over 5,000 participants including teachers, teacher coaches, and administrative staff. The project is a collaboration between University Malaysia Sarawak and top management of JPNS and IPGKBL. 

The programme’s focus is to develop professional development, knowledge and skills through playful and frugal approaches, enabling teachers to create innovative and effective learning environments that improve STEM skills. The teachers training programme was designed to develop abilities such as critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation through co-creation methods and experiential learning. 

The programme has taught valuable lessons such as the importance of incorporating playful pedagogies into the national education curriculum, promoting national education policies, and fostering collaboration with community organizations. The key policy recommendations include incorporating playful pedagogies into the national curriculum, creating a positive and inclusive learning environment, and providing guidelines for teachers on using playful pedagogies. 

The ACES Teachers Training Programme is an innovative solution to improving STEM education in Sarawak, especially in rural and remote areas where resources and internet connectivity are limited. By incorporating playful co-creation approaches, the programme aims to improve student learning and help them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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