STEM webinars in collaboration with Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus (IPG KBL)

The STEM webinars in collaboration with Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus (IPG BKL) aims to introduce current ideas and trends in the STEM field to primary and secondary school teachers in Sarawak, IPG KBL. The webinars provide an opportunity for participants to reflect and re-examine their roles and pedagogical approaches in alignment with the development of the national STEM education scene. The target audience is expected to gain insights into emerging pedagogical trends in teaching STEM subjects, the concept of gamification, and Frugal STEM Education.

The concept of building partnership with IPG KBL and ACES facilitators is to energize them with a common vision, build trust, openness and mutual concerns, and create a process to the vision together. These webinars emphasize the importance of collaboration and cooperation among educators to create a more effective and impactful learning environment for students. Overall, this is an excellent opportunity for educators to learn and grow in their professional development and enhance their teaching practices to better serve their students’ needs.

Playful and Frugal

Playful: culturally inclusive view of agency, effective learning of specific conceptual content and a digital thinkering space that encourage question-asking, curiosity, persistence, engagement in discussion and sharing interests between the facilitators, speakers and the real world.

Frugal: openness in the structure of the content deliberately linking to a culturally inclusive perspective that entails self-reflection in thoughts (also linking to co-creation), fluidity in self-learning and reflecting.


Self-regulated and making sense, agentic as able to think of ways to solve problems or doing new things.

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