Sparking Creativity through Frugal Items


What is STEMBucket?

Brought to you by UNIMAS scientists behind the ACES project, the STEMBucket is designed for schools, bringing  science and maths curriculums to life and getting your students excited on STEM subjects. 

What is in the STEMBucket?

The STEMBucket is filled with practical items and resources that offer exciting and fun activities, which will inspire students. The engineering-theme is linked to create and simulate real world setting.

Getting Started

We have tested the STEMBucket Programme using a research assumption that the identified gaps in STEM teaching and learning among students can be bridged through a playful approach. Through this initiative, we are looking at exploring the potential of using innovations in STEM+ education to build social resilience and enrich the learning experiences of students living in both urban and rural localities throughout Malaysia, and particularly in Sarawak.

Junior Scientists: Making STEM

This book is filled with playful activities that throughly guides students to better define, understand, implement, distinguish, justify and design products in particular STEM topics.

STEMBucket: STEM Challenges Cards

This deck of 29 cards covers challenges in the STEM subjects such DIY Water Filter, DIY Solar Oven and DIY Catapult. The challenge cards will enable the students to practice science process skills at home.

Video Resources

STEMBucket Timeline

  • Brainstorm idea for STEMBucket activities.
  • Discussion and improving contents for STEMBucket activity book.
  • Workshop on “Introduction to STEMBucket” with UNIMAS HR students.
  • Challenge cards complete.
  • Video shooting for challenge cards and STEMBucket activities.
  • Demonstration of DIY water filter to UNIMAS HR students.
  • Discussion with ACES team members on STEMBucket activities.
  • STEMBucket content complete.
  • Launching STEMBucket Chibi Scientists Characters, Jane & Cha.


Launching Jane, Cha & STEMBucket


Activity settings: Face-to-face sessions between children from the community and several facilitators consisting of undergraduate UNIMAS Human Resource Development students. These sessions were conducted in small teams, and were guided by tutorial videos made by the CreativeCulture team

The outcome of the activity: The children were introduced to experimenting and creating their own water filter systems using frugal and easy-to-find items that they can source from their surroundings. Through this activity, it is hoped that frugal values will be instilled not only among the children, but also the undergraduate students.

UNIMAS Human Resource Development undergraduate students explaining how to construct a water filter system using frugal items with children
Work in progress – collaborating together to build their own water filtration system
Junior scientist experimenting with household items while watching an online video tutorial made by the CreativeCulture team

STEMBucket in Telok Melano

Activity setting: The team led groups of children to work on the water filter system using both items found in their surroundings and in actual real life settings, whereby they collected dirty water and watched how the water could be filtered using a frugal water filtration system.

Outcome: Children and parents in the community were exposed to how to make their own water filter from materials that they can find in their surroundings, and it is hoped that frugal values would be instilled in both the children and women in the community

STEMBucket in Indonesia

Spreading the Team Aces Malaysia StemBucket wings across borders! Junior scientists taking on the water filter challenge with Team Aces Indonesia.
Conducting activities with students from local schools in Indonesia
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