Fitri Suraya Mohamad

Fitri Suraya Mohamad teaches at the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Malaysia. In the past twenty years, she has supervised hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students on various scholarly inquiry related to teaching and learning, particularly in the use of technology to support and enhance learning. Fitri is involved in many national and international working groups, both for research and teaching & learning. She was responsible for setting up the MSc in Learning Sciences programme, a two-year coursework programme that targets educators and trainers of the 21st century. Fitri was also involved in constructing a Postgraduate Diploma for Higher Education Teaching and Learning, a programme specifically curated to assist university educators to learn to teach effectively, in alignment with current educational needs. Fitri is currently involved in teaching and training Masters students and local Sarawak teachers to use Gamification as an alternate approach for engaging young school children to learn and focus in class. Fitri is passionate about teaching and believes that learning happens when teaching is curated efficiently and executed to meet the needs of target learners. Fitri plays school principal at home when she home-schools her children, juggling third grade mathematics and sixth grade Google Classroom assignment submissions. Fitri secretly wants to become a private investigator, so she can wear her fabulous trench coat and hat all day and night while solving cases all around the world!

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