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Tan Chong Eng
Computer Networking Specialist

Chong Eng, TAN is an associate professor at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas). He is also a senior member of the IEEE and his research is in the areas of wireless communication networks and broadband access technology. After his first encounter with the rural community in 2007, he started to venture into developing ICT technologies to challenge the unique requirements of the rural environments as an effort to bridging the digital divide. He has designed and innovated various long-range wireless systems integrated with tailored made modular solar power sub-systems, specifically to sustain the harsh rural environments where a lot of modern technology found to be either failed or impractical. He has also proposed the highly portable Virtual Telecentre design, together with the mother-and-sons Telecentre concept to take full advantage of single VSAT Satellite Internet gateway. Parts of the design have been implemented for the Telecentre Programme for Orang Asli (TPOA) since 2013. Tan also ventures into green energy supply and green ICT architecture innovations as he sees the great potential of such green technologies for improving the living quality of the rural community. He believes a context-based design of green technology based on the rural context could overcome the current problems of technology sustainability by the rural community itself. ( )

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