The Kalsom Movement’s Facilitator Training

The Kalsom Movement’s Facilitator Training

It was an intense yet a very interesting 90-minute session with about 50 facilitators and committee members from our strategic partner, The Kalsom Movement.

CreativeCulture team was given the trust to conduct a virtual training for the movement’s module developers and facilitators, focusing on elevating participants’ engagement via gamification. This training is part of the Kalsom Movement’s preparation for their summer programmes, which are specifically designed for the underprivileged beneficiaries.
The session covered essential tips and tricks on how to inject gamified elements into their modules and existing activities.

The rapid-fire ideation challenge saw how the facilitators redesigned their activities to make them more engaging. Despite the short duration given, they still managed to get their creative juices flowing and generated useful and interesting activities by considering various game elements. Kudos!

We wish the Kalsom Movement all the best!

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