Upskilling youths (17 – 40 years old) and students through Hackathons and Competitions

Many challenges and hackathons targeted at fundamental educational reform in an environment that integrates what students learn in the classroom to real-world situations. The programs expose students to real-world challenges, how to cope with them, and how to come up with innovative, long-term solutions using a transdisciplinary approach. In certain aspects, it meets the demands of society, students, and capstone projects (for example, fostering cooperation and the learning of hard and soft skills) (e.g., solve real problems). These opportunities for skill development can also assist young individuals.

Target group

Youths, university students, teachers, students

Stakeholders/Partners: University Malaysia Sarawak, Pasir Pandak and Pasir Panjang communities, #DemiLaut, French-Malaysia Embassy, ACES UK, JPNS, Learning Sciences postgraduate students, undergraduate from all the 8 faculties in UNIMAS, other local universities in Malaysia


  • To encourage playful and gameful learning for teachers and students in Sarawak
  • Produce creative educators and highlight abilities to make learning more fun and engaging
  • Provide platform to create meaningful and playful learning experiences
  • Develop competencies in documenting impacts of playful intervention in teaching
  • Provide platform for youths to showcase creativity and innovation in problem solving using innovative methods


  • Allowing participants to explore creativity and problem solving skills to real-life problems concerning issues such as climate change
  • Promote using frugal methods to solve issues in communities, using easily available everyday items to make innovative solutions
  • Allowing participants to investigate issues faced by community through interviews and on-site investigation

Playful and Frugal

Allowing students to collaborate (relatedness), exercise their creative freedom in solving problems unrestrictedly (autonomy), and develop their abilities and skills while doing so in the process (competence).

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