Virtual Connected Space and Social Media

With the help of in-house ICT systems, PlayLab offers various features and functions that go beyond what a physical space can provide. The new portable hotspot and server-on-the-move technology allow PlayLab to reach its full potential on a global scale. This innovation is particularly useful for computer scientists, IT system developers, and communication network experts. The primary goal of this technology is to allow the hosting of ICT services on-the-move. It also aims to overcome the challenges of hosting server architecture, which requires a considerable amount of energy, especially when operating in remote areas. The concept of green computing architecture for services on the move reduces energy consumption and operates on renewable energy sources. This technology opens up a range of possibilities, including exploring various telecommunication options to adapt to different scenarios while PlayLab moves from urban areas to rural ones.

Playful and Frugal

Playful: Extending playfulness through virtual spaces. Explore and experiment new technology option on-the-move

Frugal: Exploring existing computing architecture options for practical and sustainable adoption on-the-move


Technologists from computing hardware, software and system development come together to co-create a seamless ICT integrated platform on-the-move. Such collaboration enables building of trust, sense of belonging, sense making, ownership and reflecting each others’ ideas for more effective inner learning.

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